About the Project

Pure is an animated sci fi action adventure short written and directed by Chris Figat and Eric Swymer and produced by our studio Keed. It’s inspired by films like Star Wars, Blade Runner, the Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Fifth Element and tv shows like Cowboy Bebop and Batman: The Animated Series. We feel like that sense of adventure and wonder is missing from so much of today’s storytelling, and we really want to bring back the colorful characters, wondrous worlds, and nefarious villains of our childhood.

Pure is set on a distant Earth-like planet in a land under a totalitarian regime, and our heroes are in search of an ancient artifact they feel may be able to turn the tide. We’ve developed a rich cast of characters and some fantastic environments for them to explore, and we’ve put together a story that we think audiences are really going to enjoy. The short is intended as a proof of concept for an animated series or potentially an animated feature.

We’re currently well into production and routinely share work from the project on Twitter and Instagram. Our team is spread across the US and all over the world in a variety of production roles, using Artella to manage the production. If you’d like to learn more or join the team please check out our Artella profile or drop us a line from the Contact page.