Project Update: March 2017

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March Project Update

Howdy folks, Chris here checking in with some Pure updates. Apologies for the lack of posts the past week or so, I’ve been in the process of moving to a new residence here in sunny Austin.

Our co-director Eric is in sunny LA, but apart from a few other Californians most of the team seems to prefer it chilly. We’ve got several artists in Denver as well as individuals in Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, and NYC. And that’s not including our handful of Europeans (including an American in Paris) and one Down Under.

Geography aside, the team is doing some awesome work and we’re really excited about the direction of the project. That awesome concept paint above is courtesy of our resident Brit Jordan, he’s been working on a variety of production paints while our other concept artist Jack has been developing color keys. Our modelers and texture artists are cranking away on a variety of assets we’ve been showing off on Instagram and Twitter, and our layout artists are working through camera options and test lighting for a few different sequences.

One tidbit that’s really exciting for Eric and myself, we’re starting to rig test our main character with our rigger Austin and hope to have some animation tests to tease you with soon. As animators two years into this project who have yet to really animate anything for it, this is beyond exciting.

Also very exciting, but not nearly as cool when it comes to things to show off, we’re starting on pipeline tests. Pulling different assets and different departments together to create a completed shot is surprisingly challenging, even when working with a small team like we are on Pure. Using the Artella platform is making this possible to do with a distributed team, and we’re currently working out the kinks in that process.

Aside from that we’re staying busy interacting with all of you awesome people on social media, tweaking the storyboards and script, and chatting with artists and other creators to stay sharp and inspired.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the update, and if there’s anything you’d like to see here on the blog please hit us up on social media or drop us a line via the Contact page. Cheers!

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