Pure Team Profile: Animator Ryan Zale

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Ryan Zale - animator

Where are you from and what’s your educational background?
I’m currently in New Jersey and some of my animation education is courteous of Animation Mentor, AnimSquad and a week at Animation Collaborative.

What do you do on Pure?
I’m an animator.

What drew you to working on Pure?
If Blade Runner and Indiana Jones had a baby, it’d be Pure.

What excites you most about the project?
The characters and how they’re involved within the world Chris and Eric have created.

What has the experience of working with a virtual team been like?
Smoother than I thought! Artella really has a great pipeline.

What do you hope to gain from working on Pure?
Building more connections within the industry.

What’s going to surprise people about this film?
The amount of detail and attention brought to the table will definitely turn some heads.

Tell us something interesting about you.
I once saved Lois Lane.

Where can we find more of your work?
You can view my reel here.



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