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Modeler Jane Wang

Jane Wang - Cavern modelWhere are you from and what’s your educational background?

I grew up in Maryland and currently live in California. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college and worked a bit in R&D, doing prototyping and fabrication. I was always searching for something that appealed more to my artistic side and became fascinated with 3D modeling. I found it to be a good blend between something both technical and creative. I decided to start taking online classes through AnimSchool, and really take the time to hone my skills.

What do you do on Pure?

I’m a modeler on Pure and work on props and environments. After finishing a few weapons, I’m now working on the train and train station. The train station is large and majestic, and has a different vibe from the rest of the world. I’m excited to be able to bring it to life.

What drew you to working on Pure?

I was immediately drawn to Pure when I saw the concept art. The world is massive and I wanted to be a part of creating it. I was also excited to be able to work with and learn from people from all over the world, and who have a wide range of skills and experience.

What has the experience of working with a virtual team been like?

Overall, working with a virtual team has been an enjoyable experience. There are so many components to creating the film, and I always look forward seeing everyone’s updates each week. Everyone is busy with other parts of their lives, so communication and flexibility are key.  

What do you hope to gain from working on Pure?

I hope to learn more about production pipelines, and how all the pieces will come together. I’m always looking to get better at modeling too, and will also have a chance to learn a lot about texturing and other topics I’m not as familiar with.

Jane Wang - Temple entrance

What’s your favorite animated film?

Spirited Away. I think the world is incredibly imaginative and beautiful. I also have a soft spot for whimsical things.

What about your guilty pleasure film?

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2.  I love those movies.


Where can we find more of your work?


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