We’re not dead yet…

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Corridor test render

There are times when you get caught up with your project and work and life and don’t post as often as you should. And we on the Pure team admit to being guilty of that as it pertains to our blog.

The last few months have been fast and furious (like Vin Diesel/Paul Walker/things are crazy kinda Fast & Furious, not The Rock/Jason Statham/international terrorist Fast & Furious). We’ve done massive amounts of texturing on our already modeled sets, and our main character is rigged and just about surfaced and ready for prime time. We’re deep into layout and are working through a few last sections before we officially lock the edit for the entire short and move full on into animation tests.

Corridor test render



We’ve got lots more to share with you in the near future, including some test renders and a video blog of our trip to Austin. For now enjoy this killer test render, and give us a follow on Twitter or Instagram if you haven’t already. More soon!

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