What we’re watching – February 2017

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What We're Watching - February 2017

I know it’s a question that’s been just burning a hole in your brain: just what do all these awesome Pure artists watch and listen to so they can stay inspired, motivated, and increase their levels of awesomeness? Well you’re in luck, because we surveyed the team and got some answers for you.

Concept Artist Jack Kaiser
I’ve been listening to the various shows on Duckfeed.tv while painting, specifically Bonfireside Chat since I am a huge Dark Souls nerd. They have a lot of different podcast shows, mostly video game related, but recently launched a bookclub sort of show about the The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Very entertaining and well-researched stuff.

Layout Artist Heather Fleischman
I’ve been reading The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. This novel is a collection of short stories set in the future, many of which follow life and people on Mars and spaceships/space travel. So far none of them have been happy, but this in no way indicates a lack of awesomeness. While working I’ve been listening to The Black Tapes podcast, they follow Alex Reagan as she investigates claims of the paranatural. The narration style is fun because while it’s a fiction story, the documentary style reporting makes the podcast feel like it is happening in real life.

Writer/Director Eric Swymer
I’ve been listening to a lot of the Scriptnotes podcast and tons of music off playlists my brother has been making on Spotify, as well as spinning some of my favorite records while I’m between meetings. Trying to catch up on the best of/worst of 2016 lists. Some of the most recent watches have been American Honey, Swiss Army Man, Jackie, and Fences.  I just finished watching Trollhunters and have been watching Veep and season 3 of Black Mirror. I’m not reading as much as I wish I was but I’ve been making a dent in my screenplay collection (I just finished Sing Street) and am always looking through my Art of books.

Modeler Hana Starr
I’m listening to The Lunar Chronicles audiobooks from Marissa Meyer, the stories are futuristic retellings of folk tales. Cinderella is a cyborg, the wolf is a scientifically enhanced alien, and I’m all about the sassy A.I. I’m on book three out of four and there are two companion books I’m looking forward to. The stories are familiar enough I can fall easily into the crazy world, but there are so many twists to the tales that I’m never bored. And audio books mean I don’t have to worry about my eyeballs getting distracted while I’m working 🙂

Modeler Mike Gambardella
Currently watching my friend’s @BrianVowles production blog that he’s been documenting for over 2 years that all started with an idea from his two kids. It’s pretty damn funny watching his (lack of) progress in the beginning, but he starts to slowly come out with some amazing stuff. I find it very interesting seeing just how much goes into a project like this, especially since most of it is being done by one person. You can check it out at robotattackmovie.com.

Rigger Austin Broder
I’ve been geeking on The History of Rome podcast because it’s tickling my fantasy to start my own country and it’s making me get smart and stuff. Also, taking my sweet time but I’m hopping between Good Omens by Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman and The Slow Regard of Silent Things. It’s a spin-off character study from The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss which are AMAZING, so if you like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or have a soul, you will enjoy them. Also just finished the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it is just as wonderfully depressing as it promises. NPH is my dude.

Modeler Marie Angoulvant
I’m relistening to all my favorite podcasts while waiting for the ongoing ones to come out with new episodes. I’m currently on Limetown, a Serial-style thriller fiction series about a town of people that mysteriously disappeared, and The Bright Sessions, the story of Dr. Bright, a therapist for people with superpowers, and her various patients. Both of them have really gripping stories, filled with twists and turns and complex characters. I love podcasts because there’s so many creative ideas and variety in the shows people produce. At the moment I’m listening to about a dozen ongoing series, but I’m always looking for new ones to dive into!

Writer/Director Chris Figat
Like Austin, I’m watching Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. The art direction is fantastic and the writing is incredibly sharp, and Neil Patrick Harris is both awful and fantastic (words which here mean his character is a terrible person but portrayed with great style and panache). I’m also really into Trollhunters (also on Netflix), I love how Guillermo Del Toro develops his stories and characters and it has me thinking a lot about how we’d approach a series with the Pure characters. And after being blown away by the incredible Samurai Jack Season 5 trailer that just dropped, I’ve started watching the first season on Hulu.

Texture Artist Zachay Shannon
I have been watching tons of anime, currently trying to finish One Piece. I love this stuff because of how crazy it gets and you never know what will happen next. The main thing i have been doubling down on is news of all kinds from world news to gaming, needing to keep up to date on things because they’re more important then ever.

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